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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Second Phase of CPEC | China | Pakistan

What’s going to happen in the Second Phase of CPEC??

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What’s going to happen in the Second Phase of CPEC??
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China Pakistan EconomicCorridor (CPEC) is a trade way established by Pakistan and China which will give origin to thousands of new opportunities for the people across both sides of the border. Moreover, the rest of the World is also interested to participate and become part of this One Belt One Road initiative. Well, Pakistan is playing the core role in this Program by letting China use the land of Pakistan and passing through it. Many experts considered CPEC as “Game Changer” for Pakistan. Being a South Asian country Gwader Port of Pakistan has its access to Hot water Sea, the fact about Gwader Port is that it’s the World’s biggest Hot Water Sea Port. Which has the capacity to work 24/7 throughout 365 days a year. In this “Game Changer” project both Pakistan and China have their mutual interests, which allows China to save itself from the tough conditions made by the U.S and India upon its logistics cargo ships & allow Pakistan to become next Global Logistics Port. Many economists state CPEC as a chapter of employment and prosperity to Pakistan. CPEC will make this land of 5 provinces TheNext Dubai”. So, without wasting any time let us learn and unfold that what’s going to happen in the second phase of CPECHow this would be rewarding to Pakistan? How many people get jobs? Do you get a job in CPEC? Which sectors will flourish in this 2nd Phase? When this phase will begin? And what benefits will Pakistan receive after the end of this Phase?

What’s going to happen in the Second Phase of CPEC??

Professor Dr. Song Zhihui, Senior Researcher on One Belt One Road project & Deputy Dean of International Studies in Sichuan University China while addressing to the business community at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that 2nd phase of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has great importance for Pakistan as it will give a boost to industrial cooperation. Moreover, in this phase many Special Economic Zones in Pakistan will build which ultimately play a significant role in creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs of both countries to set up investment and development in areas of interest. Managing Director of Global Entrepreneurship Network, Kashif M. Khan also attended the conference. Mr. Song while addressing also said that 2nd phase. By boosting the Industrial sector will give a direct benefit to the economy of the country by the improvement in people’s lives. CPEC is also considered as it is leading to hot real estate in Pakistani Special Economic Zones (SEZ).

Here we will share a brief detail of Proposed Agreement among Pakistan and China for Special Economic Zones in CPEC Phase 2:

Authorities want to take this corridor on the next level in Phase 2. Experts say, till the end of 2nd phase Pakistan will surely be somewhere and people of Pakistan started getting benefits which their State is responsible to deliver them. Following are those areas that are discussed in the CPEC agreement to be developed.

What’s going to happen in the Second Phase of CPEC??

1: Nowshera (M1) Rashaki Economic Zone:

  • ·        Situated in KPK Province, Pakistan.
  • ·        10 Minute Drive from Kernal Sher Khan Interchange M1.
  • ·        50 Km away from Islamabad International Airport.
  • ·        Allocated 1000 Acres for building Industrial Zone.
  • ·        Give jobs to thousands of Engineers and Professionals.
  • ·        Garments, Textile, Home Building Material, Electronic Equipment Industry, and Automobile Industry will be developed.

 2: Dhabeji China Special Economic Zone:

  • ·        Situated in Sindh Province, Pakistan.
  • ·        80km away from Airport, 85km away from Seaport
  • ·        1000 Acres will be allotted.
  • ·        What will be built here will be decided after the feasibility report.

3: Bostan Industrial Zone:

  • ·        Situated in Balochistan Province, Pakistan.
  • ·        23km away from Quetta Airport & 32km away from Quetta Dry port.
  • ·        1000 Acres allotted out of which 200 acres have been developed.
  • ·        Industries of Fruit Processing, Agriculture machinery, Pharmaceutical, Motor Bikes Assembly, Ceramic industries, Ice and Cold storage, Halal Food Industry will be developed.

 4: Allama Iqbal Industrial City, Faisalabad (M3):

  • ·        Faisalabad is situated in Punjab, Province.
  • ·        Known as Manchester of Pakistan.
  • ·        Near M3 Motorway, Airport and Railway Station in city.
  • ·        3000 Acres have been allotted.
  • ·        Industries of Textile, Steel, Pharmaceutical & Chemicals, Engineering, Plastics, and Agriculture Products will be developed.


5: ICT Model Industrial Zone, Islamabad:

  • ·        Islamabad is Capital of Pakistan.
  • ·        200-500 Acres will be allotted.
  • ·        Industries of Steel, Pharmaceutical & Chemicals, Printing & Packaging, Light Eng. Will be established.


6: Port Qasim Industrial Park:

  • ·        It is near Karachi City & the area is included in Federal Land.
  • ·        1500 Acres allotted for Industrial Park.
  • ·        Land of Pakistan Steel Mill.
  • ·        Industries of Steel, Pharma & Chemical, Printing & Packaging, Autos will be developed.

7: Special Economic Zone Mirpur, AJK:

  • ·        Located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
  • ·        5km away from Dry port (Proposed), 2km away from Railway, 22km from GT Road.
  • ·        1078 Acres will be allotted.
  • ·        Mix The industry will be developed at this spot.

 8: Mohmand Marble City:

  • ·        Located in FATA KPK Province, Pakistan.
  • ·        Marble industry will be developed here.
  • ·        Area to be allocated isn’t decided or released yet.


9:Moqpondass SEZ, Gilgit-Baltistan:

  • ·        Situated in Gilgit Baltistan Province, Pakistan.
  • ·        250 Acres has been allotted here.
  • ·        35Km from Gilgit Airport, 4Km from CPEC Route, 200Km from Sust Dry port.
  • ·        Industries of Marble / Granite, Iron Ore Processing, Fruits, Steel, Mineral and Leather has been agreed to develop here.

What’s going to happen in the Second Phase of CPEC??


2 Economic Zones will be in Kyber Pakhtonkwa, Federal Land, whereas 1 will be developed in Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu & Kashmir (Pakistan), Sindh, Balochistan.


Because of these 9 Special Economic Zones, this Phase is considered as worth consisting to Pakistan’s Development. These 9 Special Economic Zones will develop thousands of industries all across the country which will directly give jobs to Millions of people. Lo and Behold, CPEC is the “Game Changer”. Not only Pakistan & China but other countries of the region including Iran, Afghanistan, India, Srilanka will also get benefited from the project as they’ll get better road connectivity, people to people communication, culture enhancement, academic achievements, the flow of trade and business as well as generation of employment in the region. This will someday reach the destination of Globalization, Peace and Prosperity. Economists picture it as a WIN-WIN Model.

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