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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Economy and Pakistan (Short Analysis)

Economy and Pakistan 
(Short Analysis)

Economy and Pakistan
Pic Courtesy: PakistanEconomist
Throughout the history of 72 years, it is notable that think-tanks didn't pay attention to the Economy of Pakistan ever. The country's economy ruined badly in every tenure, astonishingly even more in Democratic Govt. The dictators proved themselves much better in calculations. However, in every democratic govt. the economy and its growth have taken as a matter of 3rd World. Everyone just understood it as the source of creating wealth for his own bank account. Ultimately the country who has seaport like Gwader, salt mine of Khewra, coal reserves of Thar and much much more in resources had spent 72 years of its life in debts and crisis. Economics is a managemental science of money where we learn how to manage money, how to make resources and all stuff. But as a nation, we aren't interested in running our country in competition with the rest of the World. In this page, I will put all efforts to bring research-based authentic material about issues and their possibly effective solutions. Till then stay tuned!

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