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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Education System And Pakistan


Education System in Pakistan

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: 
"The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim."
- Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith74

Education is the basic element which differs human to animals. Education is among those basic ingredients which play its core role in making a country get successful. According to modern economic researches, it has been seen that top successful countries share a common trait and that is their high literacy rate i.e China has literacy rate 99%, North Korea has 100%. 

But our sorrowfulness that our very own Pakistan has a literacy rate of 57% only. Means a country that came into being based on Nazariyah-e-Islam has lost the priorities which an Islamic State should have.

According to the international organization UNICEF, Pakistan has 2nd biggest out-of-school children’s population of about 22.8 Million. A country with a population of 220 Million has its 10.36% Population out of school. Moreover, the country ranks at 150 out of 180 countries in the Human Development Index which is another huge policy failure of the country’s office runners.

Education System
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Benefits of Education System to an economy?

Hundred years ago, education was considered a liability, wastage of money plus time for both men and women but as per the latest modern economic researches if any country has better scoring in Literacy Rate then furthermore it leads to a decline in the Unemployment Rate of that country.

More Jobs for the public, More Investors will land to that country do their investments in different sectors open new industries which in addition accelerates the Economic Growth, GDP

Taxes and Revenues, more Consumption of goods & services and ultimately leads to Prosperity in that country.


Solution to Education System Issues of Pakistan
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The problem is something which in today's modern life everyone could discuss but here we will talk about solutions to Pakistan's creaking education system. However, Pakistan must have to "think out of the box" to resolve the issue which exists since 1947. The authorities should make a proper plan to overcome this whopping gap.

“Verily, Along with every hardship is Relief” (AlQuran)

The relief to cure this disease is possible but needs serious attention and commitment of officeholders. Here we'll give a few point suggestions to the authorities.

First of all, govt should declare education as a basic civil right and make it free of cost except for a few paid courses.

Second, they should give students basic pocket money at all levels of education to let money works as an incentive for them moreover to reduce their financial worries. As the majority of them give up their education because of financial issues. 

Third, the most out of box suggestion are to divide the education system into a formal and technical education system. Formal will give theory-based education which leads to medicine, engineering, literature, psychology, history. 
Whereas the Informal or Technical education will give born to skilled labor, the industry runners, the economy servents. On the same theme, many developed countries are on and making enough success. 

Fourth, the govt itself gets hold over the labor markets to know the demand and arrange supply of students as per the demand. Currently, Germany is running its education system by controlling the supply as per their market demands. This technique could also reduce unemployment.

Fifth, as a World Bank study (2007) shows compelling evidence that education quality, rather than simply years of schooling, is a driver of economic growth and increased equity. So govt should make an institution to monitor the education system and make sure its transparency at any price.

At last, we hope soon this devastating and squeaking education system will be treated with the right-reforms and our very own country will start making progress INSHALLAH!