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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Food Insecurity | Pakistan

Food Insecurity in Pakistan

Food Insecurity in Pakistan

In this article, you will learn what does Food Insecurity means? how it is affecting the Earth? What is the exact rate of food insecurity in Pakistan? How many people facing malnutrition every year in Pakistan? Where does Pakistan ranks in the Global Hunger Index? Annually which food does Pakistan’s importing? Also the solution to this and a bunch of more information!

Well, recently the topic gains attention when Pakistan’s research wing oriented authorities of SBP published their alarming report about the country’s food insecurity.

Food security deals with the physical state of having necessary or enough access of people to a sufficient quantity of affordable, dietary and quality nutritious food as per money in their pockets. The important point to note is, it has a very core impact on the economic indicators of a country. It requires 2 things to begin

1.     Govt’s support and spending of money to let the food stay in reach of the Public using subsidies and incentives to related sectors.
2.     It has a direct relation with a country’s Human Development.

 As per UN’s institution called “Food & Agricultural Organization”, Pakistan has a record-high rate of malnutrition. Among all around, it cost the country a whopping 3% of GDP / per year.

It equals to $7.6 Billion every year in the shape of the innecessary Physical & Mental development of people which further leads to weak labor productivity & loss of future labor force.

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Currently, Pakistan’s Ranking is described below:
Pakistan ranks Globally on

Food Insecurity Graphical Data

1. 8th position in Wheat Production 
2. 10th in Rice Production 
3. 5th in Sugarcane Production 
4. 4th biggest country in Milk Production among 189 countries.

But even after such achievements the country is currently ranked on 106th among 119 countries in the Global Hunger Index which’s a great policy failure of officeholders.

In fact, the Facts don’t lie another report added Pakistan among those 7 countries who have 2/3rd of the World’s unnourished population. Whereas the answer to a question mentioned in the top is despite these facts only 63.1% of Households in Pakistan are food secure. 

Means remaining 36.9% are facing food insecurity, out of whom 18.3% are facing “Severe Food Insecurity”. A country with a population of 220 million some is living on the worst level where they are even not sure about their second meal of the day.

Well, if I only quote facts then may this blog go very long but the conclusion at all is just in a few words that country ranked so well in Agricultural production even with bad policies but the management is so far in performing its duties. 

If the conditions will not be changed, it's predicted here that just within years the country will rank worst day after day and tenures after tenures. The water scarcity may widen, the food unavailability may increase and ultimately the lives living in Pakistan will suffer. The absence of attention by authorities leads to this chaotic situation today.

However, the country’s increasing population will multiply the crisis in the upcoming years.

Food Insecure


You will not be amazed if I say the only solution to Pakistan’s issues doesn't need a rocket science theory but only the “Reforms”. Yes, the only need is to bring reforms and let them work for the betterment of the country’s conditions. Chaos end when it comes to direction and the only direction for this ultimate effect is just a few reforms in every sector under the govt’s control.
About 45% of the population is unnourished and how do the authorities would increase workingmen productivity and give raise to the export sector with such sick workers?

Another question is how positive the situation would be if Rs.270 Billion weren’t be spent on Orange Line Metro Train and were invested in health, agriculture plus the education sector. 
How better the situation will be if the govt decides to make the reforms in different sectors and let the country become an example of success?


In a nutshell, let me confess that the country is facing alarming food insecurity levels. Authorities also not deliver the kind of attention on the serious issue which was expected from them. 

Still, the solution is visible but it needs a few bold steps to make the problem of Food Insecurity get resolved!

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