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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Health Issues In Pakistan

Health Issues In Pakistan

(With Solution)

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Well, Health issues in Pakistan while doing research for this topic I had no direction to write this article in, even not now. The fact and figures I came to know completely took me to the state of shock. Pakistan is a country of 220 Million population which is till 2050 going to be Top 5th country by mean of the population of 403 Million (expected) which may leads to a totally extreme-end picture of the health sector. One to hundred count of alarming figures are being released every single morning but not a single has been taken seriously. The country is travelling in the boat towards a city of Quantity not Quality, recently Pakistan has declared as the worst country by means of New Born Child, in every 1000 newborn children about 46 dies just within a month of their birth, like 46 out of 1000 are just living a life of one month only? Well, on the other side as per PMDC country has 186,980 Registered M.B.B.S Doctors. 1 doctor only for a population of 1176.59 persons. However, the spending on health has been less than 1% of GDP for decades which is one of the structural challenges. The country has 35 percent of its population of young youth but on the other side of the coin, the state has 38% of children stunted in growth. In budget 2019-20 authorities have earmarked Rs.11 Billion only for the health care sector. Whereas last year federal & provincial governments have spent Rs.203 Billion collectively which is another negligible and peanut amount. The dilemma for the nation never ends. In 2019 Bloomberg report agency published the World healthiest nations ranking, they ranked Pakistan out of 189 countries on 124th position. Why the defenders of “Rayasat-e-Madinah” didn't pay attention to this important sector in their very first budget. What has the difference remained between previous controllers and them if they treat the health of their voters in the same way?

Economic Benefits?

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In the World, countries have thousand of economic benefits associated with the health care sector. Without going in-depth of analysis let me submit this in a simple way. Among all Health Insurance is the top one moreover, Private Health Industry & Govt sector itself gives Employment to millions of Employees which declines the unemployment rate and elevates poverty. Moreover, it has a positive relationship with GDP as well. When people are physically active & healthy they’ll absolutely increase industry’s Output which attracts Investors and make the country an Economic-Hub.

Solution 5-Point-Agenda:

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I have no much capabilities in comparison with worthy officeholders but I could give a few suggestions to let the public vote them after every 5 years tenure:
1) Govt should declare Health Insurance compulsory for every citizen  which not only give rise to the insurance industry generate employment, private sectors investments but also, make people financially free of tension. i.e Statelife Insurance etc.
2) No Govt employee doctor should practice in his private “money-making” clinics. Because it makes a doctor gets biased and affects his performance badly as well.
3) Govt should focus on delivering basic health facilities.
4) Govt should establish a special institution under health minister to monitor the performance and set regulations for health facility providers.
5) Last but not least, the government must double its health sector expenditures for at least 3 years only to stabilize the health care sector.

I hope the people whom I knew from authorities and those whom I don't will pay attention to an Economist’s Advice and make the country become prosper once again. And fulfil the vision of history’s greatest founder Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s comes true. Ameen!

Muhammad Ahmad Zahid

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