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Monday, July 15, 2019

Overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistanis. Some days back I had received a call from Germany, a man was in need. He went there through illegal shipping procedure about 10 years ago. Now he’s in worst conditions. Deutch authorities have denied to own him, he even not has a Pakistani CNIC so that Pakistan Embassy is also not facilitating him. His old parents are impatiently waiting in their home in Pakistan from the past 10 years to see the face of their young son before they die. Our today’s topic is “Overseas Pakistanis”. Well, Overseas are those who live in another country except their own for work, education or residence. But the land they’re in isn't their native land. Pakistan also has millions of its citizens abroad. According to a report of “Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment of Pakistan” has released a report as Pakistan is one of World’s largest labour exporter the report papers disclosed since 1971 about 10.61 Million people gone abroad for employment. However, only two countries Saudia and U.A.E together has the number of Pakistani labour working more than the Pakistani labour the whole world together observed. In the year 2018 about 2,08635 emigrants proceeded for employment only for U.A.E. As for Saudia Arabia, about 100910 emigrants migrated for employment. Samely 27202 has been to Oman for earning their bread, 20993 went to Qatar with a visa letter for employment, 9881 Pakistanis went to Malaysia to earn in Ringgit, 5745 has gone to the United States whereas 587 has gone to the United Kingdom and other countries except them have a share of 5.07% in the workers' remittances, the report added. The remittances these exported Pakistanis sent till FY-19 was recorded at $21.841 Billion against the target of $21.2 Billion, the report added. An increase of 13% has been observed as compared to the last FY-18. This is a huge amount as per Pakistan. This amount was received in Pakistan through banking channels and helped the country in the face of foreign remittances or in the customized form known as foreign reserves.

Economic Role of Overseas Pakistanis:

Overseas Pakistani are those Pakistani citizens who are living in other countries except Pakistan for working purpose. They use to send money to their homes back in Pakistan. The money they sent is received in banks and travelled in the form of dollars i.e internationally exchanged currency. When the country receives dollars it accounts to foreign currency reserves for the country and is given in the shape of rupees to their households. Nevertheless, the payments of the international sort pay in dollars for which the received dollars are utilized. Demand/Supply of dollars in markets up to most exceeds depends upon overseas remittances which furthermore determines the exchange rate of currencies to PKR as well. Moreover, overseas workers earning add ups to the Gloss National Product (GNP) of Pakistan as well (An economics terminology). In a nutshell overseas, remittances are in actual foreign currency reserves (dollars) of a country.

How it could be Accelerated?

1) Govt should do a crackdown against Hundi & Hawala Mafia. Hundi is an illegal way of transferring money, where there is no documentation of money transfer.
     2) Govt should give incentives to overseas in order to encourage them to send more money. As already a Duty credit point card incentive system is running, which gives relief to overseas Pakistanis in duties.
     3) Authorize Franchises should be they prompted where people can pay their utility bills, dues, purchasings, fees to in the country they live in from Pakistan or vice virsa.
     4)Govt should encourage the use of banking channel through spreading awareness on media.
     5) Govt should provide overseas the best embassy services and facilitate them as well in foreign.
     6) Govt should launch lucky draw schemes.
     7) Govt should give certificates to Top 1 Million remittance senders known as “the loyalty certificates”, in order to encourage them.

Muhammad Ahmad Zahid

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