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Friday, July 12, 2019

Pakistan Population

Pakistan Population

Pakistan's population is unstoppable. Well before starting this let me clear Pakistan is a land of 796096 kmhaving a density of 265 persons per Km2 (687 people per mi2). More population means more problems. Thomas Malthus said, “Population when unchecked goes on doubling itself every 25 years or increase in a geometric shape”. 

The same happened with the case of Pakistan, today the Country ranked 6th most populous country in the World with a population of 220.78 Million. Just 19 years ago the govt in Census-1998 recorded interestingly a population of 132.35 Million at that time. Today it has been increased up to 66.82 percent just within 17 conservative years. The country with a shrinking economy is becoming another Indonesia which was been discussed unashamedly in the confession of that Economic-Hitmen. 

Now coming to the empirical analysis, in the last Census-1998 the U.S Dollar was at Rs.12/per dollar and on very next Census-2017 it's recorded at Rs.104, an increase of exact 766 percents. With some mathematics, Total Debt as a percentage of GDP was 3.8% only whereas in 2017 its accounted at 78.6% of GDP an increase of 74% in Debts as a percentage of GDP. The government for these 17 years had made the worst economic policies for controlling the country’s progress speed as well as population speed. In the World, to gain digital gains countries usually work on their economic goals, not population goals. Due to inadequate resources of income as compared to the ratio of consumption the Pakistan loss its share in global competitiveness with terrible digits. 

The export decreased and imports skyrocketed. The native people and policy-makers proved themselves the most inefficient persons for the desired progress. Ultimately due to lack of political and public will soon natural disasters started coming, and from the global warming till water scarcity, every single disaster made its way passing through this land. For the fact, if trends go in the same as for now just within 5 years (till 2025) agriculture-based Pakistan will start facing drought conditions. As per IMF, Pakistan is 3rd most affected country by an acute water shortage. Moreover, Pakistan has the World’s 4th highest rate of water usage. Here experts also declared Population as the cause of this effect. To compete with the rest of the World now, Pakistan needs necessary and honest planning which is for their own’s survival. For the last 17 years, the Population is expanding day-after-day at the rate of 12500 persons/per day. 

The question arises where do this increase will leads? We still have scare resources, we use to consume imported oil of 500 barrels/ per day. We have unbalanced BOP for decades. We still have fewer exports than imports. ). More population means more problems. We still have rising debts than reserves. ). More population means more problems. We only have foreign reserves of $14.44 Billion however our 1200 kmneighbor cum rival India has reserves of $420 Billion. ). More population means more problems. We are a directionless nation, every one of us knows the direction to his luxurious home but not towards the Economic-Surplusses. Still, millions of talented labor are unemployed due to less demand, for this year the rate of unemployment stands at 5.7%. More population means more problems.

We are just wandering in the cities for getting earnings in our pocket but not interested in safeguarding the sovereignty of our worthy homeland. Researches and facts have shown that the reason behind our economic collapse is non-other than Population. If the authorities still not paid attention to this serious silent killer soon the resources will get inadequate to fulfill the needs. This year in Economic Survey 2018-19 record drop in crop irrigation of -4.43% has been observed in which cotton, rice, and sugarcane have witnessed massive shortfall. It's just a trailer if the things will go in the same direction what will happen further to this Agri based economic film of a country is no more confidential.


The government should prioritize the Population growth rate problem as top on the list and do serious plannings regarding undisciplined Population. The role of Religious scholars could be no less than bigwigs to get control over the out of control indicators. Moreover, in this way the government can do achieve all targets of progress, employment and economic gains of the country.

Muhammad Ahmad Zahid

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