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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Smartphone | Smartphone Market Shares

Smartphone | Smartphone Market Shares

Girl Using Smart Phone
Girl Using Smart Phone

Smartphone market shares. Well, a smartphone is a gadget of today’s modern arena. People can be judged and could judge by choices of smartphones and their personalities could also be revealed by experts just by knowing their activity on this small device. Users are also divided into different categories as per their mentalities for smartphones choice. 

Some like to use just a single smartphone model for many years, whereas some love to have the recently launched model of iPhone Moreover, Andriod vs IOS the two sects of smartphone users. On the other side, 3G and 4G are also two different innovations within the same smartphone device. 

Once the terminology used was “Everything is just on one-click in the World now” but with the digital advancement today this terminology is used with a little but meaningful modification “ Everything is available anywhere today just at a single-touch”. This advancement from Click to Touch happened just within a few numbers of years. 

There are about 2.7 billion smartphone users around the World. Every year the Smartphone industry is being observed as an expanding global industry as per a Statistics, there are about 14 Million jobs directly related to Smartphone Industry. 

Nevertheless, it’s giving employment to millions of people directly and indirectly as well. Last year in 2018, there were around 1.56 billion smartphones sold worldwide. Means, as the World’s population is about 7.6 Billion, these smartphone numbers show that 20% of World’s population got a new smartphone last year. However, in a total almost 10 Billion smartphone devices are currently active globally.


Which country is leading in SmartPhone Industry?

Many countries are trying to replace and win the race but from many years South Korea, United States, China are the leaders of smartphone market globally.


Smartphone Market Shares 2019:

Thousand of brands from dozens of countries are on the floor of the market. But only a few are dominating to the crown.


5) Oppo:

Oppo Smartphone

Oppo is owned by Tony Chen, the company has observed an annual revenue of $137.7 Million. Giving employment to its more than 45000 employees.

Company has just appeared on the top list a few years ago and gave competition to already existing companies with a global market share of 7.4%. Moreover, it shipped more than 23.1 Million smartphones just within first-three months of the year 2019.



Xiaomi being a Chinese brand founded just nine years back in 2010 and is now competing with century-old companies with a market share of 7.6% in 2018 with a revenue of $46 Billion. Xiaomi had sold a record 119 Million against the target of 100 Million smartphones worldwide just within the year 2018.



Huawei in Top Smartphone Market

Huawei the one who’s a recent victim or maybe the reason behind U.S-China trade war. The country is the fastest-growing brand worldwide with its continuously expanding market shares.

The Chinese brand recently just within the year 2018 stood at 3rd place with a Market share of 16.1% worldwide. Years back in the year 2009 it was even not existing among the list but today as per latest data, it's on 3rd. Even currently in first-three months of the year 2019, it has sold 58.4 Million smartphones and standing currently at No.2.


Apple in Top smartphone market shares

The only IOS operating system among all is the iPhone. Well known for its quality and the standard of its buyers. Stood 2nd in the year 2018, with a market share of about 18.2% globally. Nevertheless, years ago in 2009 apple was standing at 3rd with a market share of 16.1%. The company has grown up to 2.1% and still competing for 10 years even with its new competitors.



Samsung Smartphone

Samsung is a South Korean company established in the late 1930s. Has made outstanding achievements in electronic industry. As per record till the year 2018, the company recorded revenue of $22.6 Billion. 

With the highest global market share of 18.7%. However, years ago in 2009, the company was just having a market share of 3.3% only standing at the end of the top list. But right now its the chief leader of the smartphone industry.



Conclusion Top 5 Smartphone Brands

While reading this research I came to the conclusion that China is going to be the new technology king in a few coming years as per the statistics. As among all Five brands, 3 belongs to the Peoples Republic of China, 1 is from the United States and 1 from South Korea. 

But the rate at which China is growing with it's increasing pace in the World is an alarming sign for existing crown holders of all sectors. However, Apple company has proved itself a quality giving brand who’s still in the list and haven't been replaced by newcomers. 

Whereas Samsung is at top of the list due to consistency and hard work of 80 years.

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