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Friday, July 19, 2019

Top 7 Countries for Immigration

Top 7 Countries for Immigration:

Immigration is basically meant to change your location towards a non-native country to live. It could be for different purposes it may be for work, study or living itself. Every year thousands of people change their countries. As per the UN report, 258 Million international immigrants were recorded globally in 2017 (People residing in a country other than their country of birth). This represented 3.4% of the total world’s population. Out of which as most as 150.3 Million Immigrant was workers whereas the least was 4.8 Million Immigrant students. However, today the ratio of immigrant travelers is now higher than past i.e 2% in 2000 & 2.3% in 1980’s but now the ratio is 3.4%. Moreover, the report said remittances of about $480 Billion had transferred to middle income & low-income countries through these immigrants worldwide. However, this ranking is taken from a global report published by US News.

Note: One thing which I observed in the report was most of the international immigrant i.e 110 Million are coming from Asia while on the other side, most of the international immigrant is also going to Asia i.e 80 Million. So, agree or not the most potential for immigrants is within just Asia. But Asians don’t bother it.
Well, soon I will write a detailed one on “International Immigrants” itself as well. But let us now come to our main topic of Top 7 countries for immigration:

7) Spain:

Spain- Top 7 Countries for Immigration

Being on the seventh slot. In the year 2016, Spain received 215,000 permanent immigrants, a 10% surge over the previous one. However, in 2015 the country experienced its 1st year of positive net migration since the onset of the global financial and economic crisis. International protection applications in Spain jumped 63 percent in 17 up to 25270, a new Spanish record. To handle the influx, the country has strengthened the asylum system and reception system by allocating more budget and structural reforms within its own system to let the World come to Spain. The European country stands among top economies and has great opportunities for its seekers

6) Australia:

Australia - Top 7 Countries for Immigration

Australia the 7th continent on Planet. From the past few years, the country is well known for student scholarships and visas. The country made its recognization in the World through becoming an Educational Hub and Tourists Host. For the record, in year 2017 the country received 35170 Asylum requests. Rose 27000 by the previous year. Where most of the asylum seekers were from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Congo and Myanmar.

5. France:

Paris - Top 7 Countries for Immigration

France ranked on 5th among 189 countries in the World on this list. In the year 2016, the country welcomed 258,900 permanent immigrants. Whereas a year back in 2015 the country granted 217,500 new residence permits to non-European nationals. Attracting the World with its fragrances and best education system for international students. The country set a new record for applications.

4. Canada:

Canada Flag

Canada is on the 4th of the list. For the fact, the country has an outstanding ranking in literacy rate as well. However, in 2016 the country has accepted 296,400 permanent immigrants. surpassing the previous records. Most of the migration receivers were the skilled workers and educated people. Nevertheless, the immigration minister of the country expecting to continue the record levels in the upcoming years, with a plan of serving 340000 more Immigrants by 2020. The country also gave residence to 41500 refugees as well. However, the country’s asylum is in demand these days.

3. The United Kingdom:

United Kingdom UK Flag

The United Kingdom has the 2nd most prosperous economy of Europe and standing among the top 10 globally as well. In the year 2016, the U.K authorities accepted 350100 permanent immigrants. As compared to previous records a sharp decline has observed in U.K immigration, many experts saw the decision of Brexit as its cause. Countries including India, Poland, and China were among Top Immigration seekers. However still, the country is ranking among Top 10 attractive tourist places. The country is famous for Town Bridge on River Thames, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and has many more to explore.

2. Germany:


Germany the Top 4th most biggest global economy. In 2016 the country had accepted 1.05 Million permanent immigrants, according to the OECD report. Most of the immigrants were coming from Romania, Poland, Syria and a few more. The country is also known for its history and role in World Wars. Tourists visit many historical places and attractive tourist places. The country topped in car industry having World’s top car-making factories i.e Mercedez, Audi, BMW, Volkswagon were among the top of the list. Due to having a number of heavy industries the country also has great employment opportunities for job seekers.

1. The United States:

United States Of America - USA

The U.S topped the list. Just within the year 2016, the country has accepted 1.18 Million people with permanent immigrations making it the top one. These new immigrants even increased U.S total population by 13%. The country has great educational opportunities, ranked among Top 2 countries by mean of most research articles globally, having most billionaires and much more. The country has a historic background from Columbus till Trump. There are many attractive places to explore as well including Grand Canyon National Park, Statue of Liberty, Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Central Park. And of course at last Hollywood making it the best place to go.

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