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Friday, August 30, 2019

Brain Intelligence (IQ) and Success?

Brain Intelligence (IQ) and Success?

Brain Intelligence (IQ) and Success

See your elder brother, he always stood first in his class and here I have to get ashamed on your every result! Son, why not you do studies properly and make your parents feel proud? OR, why am I always an average student in studies why not get the first position in my class?

Well, in our school days, this was the most brain striking question whenever it comes to our mind but finally, the answer is here. Do you know ­­every one of us doesn’t have a similar IQ? What does it mean? It means every one of us possesses a different brain intelligence and as per the latest psychological reports, human beings have a different brain intelligence with un-similar learning and thinking capabilities.

Psychologists called it as IQ Classification, this classification ranges from “Below 70” to “Above 145” and every one of us possesses a different IQ score. Where “Below 70” were “Deficient Persons or Abnormal” and “Above 145” are “Super Genius”. For the fact, the legendary scientist Albert Einstein’s has IQ 160. But as per the report, there is over a population of 8 Billion human brains all around the Globe but astonishingly only 2.1% of them are below 70 and only 2.1% are above 135 IQ Levels.

Whereas most of the people die in between the I.Q level ranges in 85-115. These are those ordinary humans who might be opined of playing a safe-life without taking any kind of risk for achieving any dream. But those who possess some gifted abilities do set themselves as iconic personalities in front of the World. Statistics are quite interesting like if nature ranks everyone above 145 IQ score then maybe there will be no one to do anything and everyone just becomes an Intellectual. Another fact is that it has been seen that usually, humans have their IQ Levels what their mothers do possess and may be different in a few cases as well.

IQ also tell us about the jobs or professions people will or adapt to. The IQ test is a completely scientific brain test and usually, psychiatrists do this job. It also helps the students achieving the best suitable professions as per their IQ range and playing their best possible role in uplifting the economy of their country.

But in developing and undeveloped countries such factors aren’t been taken into consideration. Everyone is rushing towards the newly discovered money-making fields, unaware of their own self capabilities which might make them another William Shakespeare like a fabled brain. For a fact, only 3.5 Billion of the population are employed globally.

Lo and behold, but their jobs don’t guarantee them a safe living even some of them are doing low-paying jobs with the danger of being unemployed. Yes, those human brains are not where they should be. But if the authority holders pay significant attention to this matter and their country’s human resources they could even achieve that prosperity which they read in books and write in articles.

How it could be helpful in Economic Goals?

Economic Goals, Success and Intelligence

Modern World is running so faster that people are living thousands of times a quick life than their forefathers. But in the whole scenario, Human Brain is the only thing responsible for all the success which human has made in today’s World from Technology to Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the base of Education.

Because Education has Direct Positive Relation with the Literacy Rate of a country but letting humans chase their passion according to their profession and their IQ Levels could make them work more passionately then 9 to 5 Office politics (Also read: Solution to Education System of Pakistan). In this way, if they will do the work at the best they could then absolutely they will be More Productive and more productivity means more Economic Growth. In this positive way, a country can get success just by using human brains efficiently.

It sounds as though of “Nationalism” but isn’t so. It belongs to the betterment of the country and Productive Literacy Rate. Moreover, today’s Developing countries need this sort of rare tool to apply in their land and touch the horizons of success.

Because today the World is into the modern era where the Developed Countries are testing Artificial Intelligence (AI) whereas the people of developing and undeveloped countries are still facing serious issues from stunted growth to low labor productivity.

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