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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Does Govt releases 100 Rupee Coin?

Does Govt releases 100 Rupee coin?

100 rupee coin picture

"100 Rupee Coin" Case. For a few days, pictures are rumoring all around the social media that the Pakistan government releases Rs.100 coin. But does it's true or just a piece of false news?

Well, during research on this matter the team NewsInterns found that the news that State Bank Of Pakistan has published a coin of Rs.100 was just false news spread by Social media activists. The point to be noted is a few months ago, pictures of new currency notes were also revolving around the internet after Imran Khan took office charge. 
Which later on, PTI based govt and State Bank of Pakistan both denied and declared it as false news. 
The matter to be investigated is that who is spreading these rumors and what's their intents behind it. 

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