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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Only 1.9 percent area of Pakistan left Forests

Only 1.9 percent area of Pakistan left Forests

    The topic of this exclusive article is “Dilemmatic condition of Forests in Pakistan”. Do you know only 1.9 percent of total Pakistan’s area left forested? Do you know Pakistan may run out of forests if the current growth rate continues till 2050? Do you know how many billions Pakistan could earn through the Forest sector?
    Well, by starting this let me clear that Trees and Forests are not only important for humans to get Oxygen but they also play their uncommon role in sustaining millions of wild Animal species and billions of Plant species

    As per United Nation standards “A country must have at least 25% of its area covered with forests, and 10% of its cities should have sparkling Green Parks”. However, in this regard the performance of Pakistan is totally unsatisfactory. A recent report by World Bank claims that the country has shockingly only 1.9% area covered with green forests. Moreover, the country has 1027 Different Species of Reptiles, Mammals, Amphibians, and Birds. Out of which 3.5% are Endemic (Only found in Pakistan) whereas the country has 4950 species of Vascular plants in which 7.5% are Endemic (Only found in Pakistan).

    Whereas in comparison to regional countries, India has a share of 23.8% of forests to its Total Land Mass and China has 22.4% forest share in aggregate. The point to be noted is both countries are the most populous countries in the Globe. Despite that fact, they almost achieved the UN Standards. But on the other side Pakistani side democrats proved themselves unable to achieve that criteria.

    Why Pakistan lose Forestry?

    Well in the research on this topic I found significant reasons responsible for the worst conditions of forests in Pakistan:

    1. People are interested in building houses like mansion villas which usually have large washrooms for which day after day the number of forests are continuously demolishing for building residential societies.
    2. The country has a majority of forestry in KPK and Gilgit Baltistan but due to the unavailability of renewable energy sources in those remote areas, people use to cut woods to fulfill their energy needs which indirectly causing Deforestation.
    3. The population is doubled over the last 20 years. And needs for land, food, and shelter have also been skyrocketed.
    4. Authorities, their attention, and their Funds weren’t issued in the required rate of need.
    5. “Demand is more than Supply countrywide.” As per a survey, the annual production of Timber is 14.4 mmwhereas the demand is whopping 44 mm3. Due to which the trees planted decades ago are now seriously endangered. The number of forests in Pakistan is also discussed below

    Forests in Pakistan

    What Pakistan has done so far?

    Well, I must consider the quite complimentary performance and initiatives taken by current Pakistani PM Imran Khan in this regard. For the fact, (when he wasn’t Officeholder) in the year 2014-15 Pakistan has observed -12.45% forest growth which was historically alarming after it the very next year in 2015-16 Pakistan has witnessed +14.31% forestry growth. Experts credited the KPK Govt of that time (Imran’s Provincial Govt) for their, Green Grow Initiative responsible for it. 

    Moreover, the last year 2018-19 country has witnessed 6.47% growth. Another initiative of “1 Billion Tree Tsunami” was considered as significant for it. Moreover, for the first time, Pakistani Authorities have created “Ministry of Climate” who’s concerned with the sector of Forestry and Climate specifically. 

    The Govt is also interested in letting the Agriculture Sector grow through various Subsidy Plans and Low Tax Policies in Agriculture Sector. Last but not least, a year ago the Current Pakistani Govt has launched another “10 Billion Tree Tsunami” plan till 2023. This forestry & greenery will surely uplift the country’s pride.

    How much Pakistan can earn through Forestry?

    Forests in Pakistan
    Source: "Money" by 401(K) 2012  – Under Creative Commons license
    Pakistan has an incredible global market through forestry. The country has the potential to earn up to $4 Billion / Per Year by conserving Forests. Forestry plays a significant role in getting a better atmosphere, low temperature, rich minerals, rare herbs, quality wood, juicy fruits and is also inhabited millions of wildlife Worldwide. 

    Moreover, wood provides 40% of Global Renewable Energy to almost more than 900 million people worldwide. As per PBS, in the year 2012-13 along with all negative factors the department of Forestry earned revenue of Rs.2.9 Billion which undoubtedly could grow in multiples of hundred.

    Unlike PIA, Railway and Pakistan Steel Mill the sector of Agriculture and Forestry only needs a few Billions of investment and Share in Annual Budget to deliver massive and organic returns. Which will not only increase Govt’s revenue but also do participate in the Export Sector and bring prosperity in every sector as well.

    Let us end this article with a quotation of Desmond Tutu:

    “The world's forests are a shared stolen treasure that we must put back for our children's future.”
    Desmond Tutu


    1. soon that 1.9% will be transformed into just 0.9 !

      1. Could be but recent initiatives by new office holders are encouraging growth in this sector.