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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Top 10 People Googled in 2018 | Pakistan

Top 10 People Googled 2018|Pakistan

This article will explain to you the Top 10 Google Searched people, celebrities and artists. According to Google Records following are Top 10 searched people:

10) Sunny Leone:

Sunny Leone | Top 10 People Googled in 2018
Sunny leone is a Pornstar 
turned Actress. The point to ponder is her name is been top 10th search in a country that came into being based on Islamic Ideology. The actress is well known for her looks and for something which we can’t mention here. As per Google, for the year 2018 Actress’s name came in search at the moment when her biography based Web-Series “Karenjit Kaur – the untold story of Sunny Leone” released which was produced under the ZEE5 Original Web Series production house. 

Moreover, Google revealed the most searches about her in Pak was made from Punjab province.

9) Iqra Aziz:

Iqra Aziz | Top 10 People Googled in 2018
Iqra Aziz is one of the talented emerging actresses of Pakistan. She got popularity for a drama “Suno Chanda” in which actress was playing a leading role along with Farhan Saeed in which her name was “Jiya”. 21 years old actress got searched for many questions as few are highlighted here “Iqra Aziz Height in Foots?”, “Iqra Aziz Fiancé?”, “Suno Chanda Actress”. According to Google Pakistan, the actress gets searched the most from Tribal Areas under Federal Administration in Pakistan whereas she got searched the least from Punjab Province. 

For a fact, Iqra Aziz’ height is 4’9 Feet and Yasir Hussain is her fiancé. In her 21 years, life actress faced much financial crisis and once her mother was probably first Careem-Captain (Driver) in Sindh. Iqra Aziz was doing her BS. Commerce from the University of Karachi which later on she dropped.

8) Hanif Abbasi:

Hanif Abbasi | Top 10 People Googled in 2018

PML(N) Political Party’s leading Rawalpindi politician Hanif Abbasi searched on Google the most when he found guilty in a case of selling 500kg of ephedrine drugs to narcotics smugglers. 53 years Politician had been elected twice as a member of the National Assembly. Most of the searches on him were made from Federal Territory Islamabad. 

Whereas all the searches on him were made in response to his Case, Verdict and News related to it. Later on 13 April 2019, Politician released from the jail on bail. For the fact, the court had disqualified him and sentenced for a lifetime in the narcotics case.

7) Atif Mian:

Atif Mian | Top 10 People Googled in 2018

Atif Mian is a Pakistani-American Economist currently serving as Economics Professor in Preston University U.S. Being belongs to minority Ahmadi Community his name came in the news when PTI based govt selected him as a member of the economic council but few particular extremist sects of Muslims reacted badly on this decision which later on, has ended in the removal of Mr.Atif from the economic council. 

He is included in the list of “Top 25 Young Economists of the World” released by IMF in 2014. His name searched the most in the Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan.

6) Sonali Bendre:

Sonali Bendre | Top 10 People Googled in 2018Indian actress Sonali Bendre searched the 6th most in Pakistan. The actress googled the most across the internet when she had diagnosed with Cancer. Her whole journey of cancer treatment in NewYork was trending on the internet in those days and how she got recovered and become an inspiration for Cancer Patients later on.
In Pakistan, 44 years old actress searched the most in Balochistan & Sindh region. For the fact, she returned back to her home just after 6 months of full treatment. One of her best saying during her cancer-fighting journey was;
"I have endorsed every hair product in my career. Looks have been my bread, butter, and jam. Looks are important in our society. But, considering that that was the career, it has been scary. The world as I know it turned upside down or was no more there. And when I came to know that I have cancer, I got my team together and told them about it."

5) Sylvester Stallone:

Sylvester Stallone | Top 10 People Googled in 2018

Hollywood Rambo Superstar Sylvester Stallone was 5th most searched personality in Pakistan. Many fake news sites spread rumors about his death due to Prostate Cancer. 
Although all were nothing except rumors, it took the attention of 71 years old actor’s fans and followers. In Pakistan, he’s searched the most in the Sindh region of the country.

4) Reham Khan:

Reham Khan | Top 10 People Googled in 2018Also known as Reham NayyarKhan became the 4th most searched person on Google in 2018. Journalist get popularity and recognization because of her second marriage with Imran Khan (22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan). 
She searched the most those days because of her controversial Book “Reham Khan” published on 10th July 2018. Later on, it has got heavy criticism from people in different sectors. The most searches on her were also related to her Book. She googled the most from Gilgit Baltistan Province.

3) Meesha Shafi:

Meesha Shafi | Top 10 People Googled in 2018Pakistani Singer Meesha Shafi got fame on google search bar when she became part of Twitter’s “Me-Too” movement. The singer accused famous Superstar Ali Zafar of sexually harassing her during a Public Concert event. 
Later on, Ali Zafar filed a case against her in Lahore High Court but Meesha is still failed even in facing the court and proving the allegations. Most of the clicks made on her were including “Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar”. 
The most clicks on her were made from Federal Territory Islamabad.

2) Meghan Markle:

Meghan Markle includes in Top 10 People Googled in 2018

Meghan Markle was once a small role-playing actress for 7 years but the first fame giving character to her was of a feminist girl named Rachel Zane in an American Drama "Suits". Hollywood actress touched the horizons of popularity when she got married to Prince Harry of The United Kingdom. 
She was the 2nd most searched person on Google in Pakistan throughout the year 2018. The 37 years old actress was searched the most from Federal Territory Islamabad. 
She was searched for “Meghan Markle Movies list”, “Meghan Markle Biography”, “Meghan Markle biography” and “Prince Harry wife”.

1) Bushra Manika:

Bushra Manika Top 10 People Googled in 2018
Bushra Bibi is currently First Lady of Pakistan. Well known for her Spiritual Personality. Her full name is Bushra Riaz Wattoo. Bushra Bibi belongs to Pakpattan city. 
Bushra Bibi came under the search of google when she got a divorce from her first spouse Khawar Manika and ended her 30 years old marriage and did a new one with current Prime Minister Imran Khan. 
Bushra Bibi had 5 children from her first marriage. The most tag searched on her were “Imran khan wife Bushra Manika”, “Bushra Manika pictures” and “Bushra Manika age”. The most searches were made from KPK and Punjab province on her.

At the end on a lighter note, the interesting thing we found here was out of 10 most searched only Three are Male and Seven of Ten are Female. Pakistani people have taken the Feminism so serious!

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