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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Soaring Crime Rate in Pakistan | 2019

Soaring Crime Rate in Pakistan | 2019

Soaring Crime Rate in Pakistan | 2019

Crime, a word whic­­h is always been hated all across the Globe. This single word has the ability to decrease the pride of a whole Nation. Many countries get bankrupt because of this and many countries are fighting wars because of this. 

Crime ranges from the lowest degree of assaulting someone to the highest degree of murder. It has a wide variety of illegal activities on the perimeter of the crime scale. If the disease of Crime remains untreated on time then this simplified daily disease might lead to the cancer of crimes which furthermore, take a lead towards the stage where the colonization of disease takes place and abnormal cells get multiplied further and further all around the body which at the end results in as serious consequence as Death i.e. War in this case.

But for a country like Pakistan, where Crime Rates are increasing day after day no one is attentive in any way to this “Silent-Killer Cancer”. In Global Crime Index, the country rank on 56th Slot with a score of 44.58. Nevertheless the Year 2012, a totaled of 645,647  cases were reported, but later on, in 2018 that figure soared to a sum of around 703,481 cases. With some calculation, it is a direct rise of 9 Percent just within 7 years i.e. 1.28% increase in crimes every single year. However in the list, Punjab top among all provinces plus AJK merely equals to 3.94 Lakh cases alone out of a totaled of 6.46 Lakh (61 percent) in 2012. On the other hand, in 2018 a sum of 7.03 Lakh cases was filed all across Pakistan. Once again Punjab wins the list with a sum of 4.11 Lakh cases (58.5 percent).
Note: Punjab leads with a share of 59 percent in the country’s literacy rate (a good one) and 58.5 percent in the country’s crime rate (the bad one). Figures don’t lie. According to the report, the most reported crime in the land of 220 million population was “Theft”. Yes, the crime of stealing something from a person or place. The second highest-rated crime was none other than “Kidnapping”. 

Yes, ​the crime of taking somebody away illegally and keeping them as a prisoner, especially in order to get money or something else for returning them however as per a report in the year 2018 about 20,000 Kidnapping cases were reported all across the country. Whereas the third one on the list was Burglary and Robbery. Recently Pakistan did a successful antiterrorism operation called Zarb-e-Azb and root out the terrorism from the country’s soil very efficiently and efficaciously but the question rises then why still the crime rates in Pakistan are so high?
Ans: The Day by day increasing number of reported cases isn’t the failure of Pakistan’s Armed Forces but is the failure of Pakistan’s Police Sector. Pakistan’s Police proved itself unsuccessful in controlling the law and reinforcement situations. So, what is the solution? Ans: Reforms and only Reforms in Police Sector is the solution. The country’s police lose its honor as it kept under VIP Protocol surveillance in PML(N) and PPP tenure. Which seriously damaged the institution’s honor and pride. 

Handcuff Crime Rate in Pakistan | 2019

In budget 2019-20, around Rs.132 Billion is allotted just to Police Department only but the experts and analysts still believe there will be no way without Reforms. More than a quarter of the country’s total corruption and bribery are getting older in this one department. Many governments had come and had gone but still, this matter of worry is unsolved.

Well, on the other side of the coin, as we know every Effect has a Cause for this case failed govt policies over a long period of time is the main symptom of this disease. As Economics says, all the indicators are like a chain Every sector has to play its role in bringing odds into favor.

Let me end this Article with some worth-thinking words of Aristotle
Poverty is the parent of Revolution and Crime. (Aristotle)

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