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Monday, September 9, 2019

Meaningless Meaning of Life | Trick to Improve your Life

Meaningless meaning of Life

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meaningless meaning of life

In the World of 8 Billion, technology is getting advancement day after day and with the passage of every day, life is getting more competitive and more sophisticated. Students are rushing for careers, Jobies for promotions, Scientists for researches, Developers for advancement, doctors for patients, economists for a recession, psychologists for depression (in Patients) and last but not the least, Globe is creating more competition in the name of opportunity. Well, with such a frustrating life every single person is crazy for any kind of entertainment. And here a new industry gets in "The Media Industry". The most searched niche on the internet and in surroundings everywhere. One of the few globally liked media industries offering and selling their entertainment stuff and making their day. Films, Documentaries, Dramas, Series and a lot more is all about Media Industry a few years back. But now many new platforms entered the market and got global acceptance as well i.e. Youtube and Netflix.

But what’s in my mind, or for what I am writing to this? Let me answer, I have been watched many good media entertainment stuff with a limitless variety but after that, all I came to a conclusion and this writing is all about that observation, after all, life is all about the “Game of mind”. Let me explain how to look how ridiculous its that at one end we are facing the difficulties of life one day to another day but for the purpose of entertainment, we are watching to series or movies based on other's life and circumstances.
Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, Zollywood and many many many more. Psychologically, human wants to live life, watch life, listen to life, taste life, and touch life. So, that’s why they’re doing all the things in their lives. They want a happy life that’s why they’re working hard. They want a happy life that’s why they’re looking for some opposite gender and their attention. They want to be happy in life that’s why they’re studying late at nights and they want a happy life, that’s why they’re voting for elections. Well, I don’t know where my thoughts are leading me towards but I will post this stuff. Movies are a very sparky and touchy part of life. Today life is at that edge if we don’t watch movies maybe we’ll not get any understanding of life. Maybe we’ll forget that anyone else is also living a similar life as we are. Being sophisticated in life isn’t that hard, we are leading towards a life where robots will lead us, teach us and help us. And I think we know what robots will teach us, a life of humans or robots itself. I am just astonished on these of my late-night ridiculous thoughts.

meaningless meaning book

Now on a serious note, do you think you’re going towards a successful life with these efforts and struggle? If yes then let us know about it. Well, the advice here is not against you but in your favor, “Please don’t stop living today for a life of tomorrow”. So, the mean of this meaningless writing comes from the observation I got from recent experience. Keeping that experience in another post’s topic let’s end this. Stay Motivated and think about the things of “Nature and Life”. This catharsis will give you many things to be correct in life. Just as Antivirus removes Viruses from a computer. You have to do catharsis for the device which manufactured a Computer.

We are what we Think. All that we are arises with our Thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the World.
(Gautam Buddha) 

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