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Friday, September 6, 2019

Top 10 Airlines in the World | 2019

Top 10 Airlines in the World | 2019

Top 10 Airlines in the World | 2019

Every year International Ranking watchdog Skytrax determines the Top 10 ranking of the Best-servicing Air companies based on their work, determination, and services. The Top 10 Airlines in the World 2019 has been discussed below;

10. Thai Airways:

If we say Thailand is competing the World then maybe it's not wrong. The annual research found Thai Airways among the top 10 airways companies traveling globally with matchless qualities. The flag carrier airways formed in 1988, founded by Star Alliance. Thai Airways travels to 84 destinations in 37 countries. Thai Airways has a fleet of almost 90 Aircraft. The interesting thing is their brand slogan, “Smooth as Silk”. With this portfolio, Thai Airways ranked among Top 10 Airlines Globally.

9.    Lufthansa:

Lufthansa Airlines | Top 10 Airlines in the World | 2019Lufthansa is the Biggest German Airways. This has ranked in this list in the 9th position having its headquarters in Frankfurt Germany. It normally gives services within Europe and Internationally as well. CurrentlyLufthansa has almost 309 Airplanes in service.

8.    Qantas Airways:

The flag carrier of Australia. Qantas Airways was founded back in 1920. Being one of the successful flag carrier airways it ranked on 8th position in this category. For a fact, Qantas has almost 130 airplanes in its fleet. It is also a big achievement of the Australian Government. It's on 8th in Top 10 Airlines.

7.    Hainan Airlines:

Top 10 Airlines in the World | 2019

Hainan Airlines was founded in the Hainan Province of China in 1993. Hainan Airlines are ranking in Top 10 Airlines for 9 consecutive years. The mission of Quality, Safety and Best Services leads Hainan airlines among top-rated global airlines. Today Hainan airlines have 240 airplanes in its fleet to fly. Ranked on 7th 
in Top 10 Airlines.

6.    EVA Airways:

Top 10 Airlines in the World | 2019

It is a Taiwan Product competing globally in the airplanes market. It is established in 1989. EVA Airways won dozens of awards including Best Crew Award, Best Cabin Award, Best Economy plus and Best Economy award. In a nutshell, it’s one of the Growing airlines. The shocking fact is that EVA Airways is in Top 10 Airlines with just a fleet of 76 Airplanes only. It ranks on the 
6th position in Top 10 Airlines.

5.    Emirates:

Top 10 Airlines in the World | 2019

Might be someone doesn’t know about emirates as its advertisement always stay running on T.V channels. Founded in 1985 with just 2 airplanes in its fleet. But today Emirates is traveling to more than 80 countries over 140 destinations. As per a report, Emirates flies with 1500 flights every week departing from Dubai to 6 continents. Emirates has more than 230 Airplanes in its fleet.

4.    Cathay Pacific Airways:

Cathay Pacific Airways is a Hong Kong-based airways started back in 1946 by two Ex-Airforce Pilots. Currently, this service is traveling to more than 200 global destinations. The company has almost a fleet of 200 airplanes in its possession. Cathay ranks on 4th among Top 10 Airlines.

3.    ANA All Nippon Airways:

ANA All Nippon is a Japanese Airline Company. The company is founded back in 1952. Airways travel domestically as well as internationally. Airways is working on the target of being the cheapest airways with no compromise in quality and services. From the past 30 years when they decided to start their international operations, the same aims were the vision of the company as now. It has also received many awards for Best Crew, Best Economy Class airlines. Airlines have almost 240 Airplanes. It's on 3rd position in Top 10 Airlines.

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2.    Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airlines | Top 10 Airlines in the World | 2019

Singapore Airlines is the World’s 2nd Most Respectable airline. Singapore airlines have approximately 130-150 airplanes. Singapore Airlines also is known for “SilkAir” and “Singapore Girl”. Airlines won as Best Crew Awards, Best Business Class awards and many more. It is flying youngest airplanes fleet in 6 continents globally.

1.    Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways | Top 10 Airlines in the World | 2019

Qatar Airways is the top-ranked airline by international body Skytrax. Also known as the Fastest Growing Airlines. Qatar Airways flies to more than 160 Global Destinations in 6 Continents every single day. It received five "Best Airlines Awards" back in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 and now in 2019. “Mr. Akbar Al Baker” is the owner of this prestigious company. Mr. Baker aims to make Qatar Airways the best traveling choice for its customers. Currently, having almost 230-250 Airplanes. Being champion of the year Qatar Airways is on the 1st position in Top 10 Airlines in the World.

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