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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

What measures to take when Earthquake occurs?

What measures to take when Earthquake occurs?
What measures to take when an Earthquake occurs?
Earthquakes are also known as natural calamities that strike all of sudden. In such a scenario, there's not a lot of that someone will do, though one will take some precautions when an earthquake hits the land.  


Firstly, one has to check for injuries. Then someone will give care to anyone close who wants it within the quake-hit space. After reassuring personal safety, one should check water, gas, and electrical lines for injury. 

Just in case of harm, shut off the valves and check for any lingering smell of gas. If there's any smell, then one will open all the windows and doors and leave straight away. 

When going away, report it to the involved authorities. When outside take care of debris like broken glass and detritus. Boots or durable shoes will keep one-off from cutting their feet. 

A person additionally has to stay updated with news and might activate the radio for the aim. It’s recommended not to use a phone unless it's an emergency. One has to steer take beaches as tsunamis and seiches generally hit when the bottom has stopped shaking. 

In case of being at a building, it's recommended to follow an emergency or evacuation set up as per instructions. Following an earthquake, aftershocks are expected. So, it's also recommended to remain far away from broken buildings. 

Its also recommended to stay at open place and try not to be in buildings or if you're somewhere in any building, situation went bad and its hard to reach outside the building then it is better to try to hide yourself within a desk or table so that you may stay alive in case of any harm. But its the worse scenario. However, if you were driving the car during an earthquake comes. 

Try to apply brakes urgently and park the car on the ends of the road. Hope so, these all measures would be enough to help you out in saving yourself and your loved once.

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